10:00 a.m. Slot For Santa's Workshop Portraits

10:00 a.m. Slot For Santa's Workshop Portraits


Terms & Conditions:

Your mini-session with Santa is a 5 minute session.  Reserving your session date & time requires full payment at the time of booking.  Your session fee is refundable with a 48 hour advance notice of cancellation.  

While many images will be captured during your session, you will be provided with the best possible image as determined by the photographer.  Each image provided to you will be carefully edited to ensure the studio’s quality of artistry & technical perfection.  

Should you arrive late and miss your session time, all efforts will be made to accommodate you at another time; however, we cannot guarantee another time will be available and you may lose your session fee as a result of our 48 hour advance notice of cancellation.  

We want your child’s experience with Santa to be a happy one.  We encourage cheerful cooperation, but cannot fully guarantee the final result from your session given factors like your child’s mood that day or their possible aversion to Santa.   We will, however, still try to capture that perfect image for you within your given session time.  

Your digital image(s) will be included in your session fee and provided to you within a 2-3 week period after your session.  You will be given permission to use your image(s) for future printing.  Gift Prints and additional items will be made available at a discounted price.

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