Syma and Mike. Fiesole, Italy


Nestled in the hills of Fiesole, Italy (near Florence) was the location of Syma and Mike’s wedding and where Castello di Vincigliata can be found. With its first written contract registered in the archives of Florence, Italy in the year 1031, and after hundreds of years of family ownership, this Castle laid in ruins until 1840. It was Lord John Temple Leader who happened across its beauty one day and instantly fell in love with it. After its acquisition, in the pure spirit of the renaissance patronage, he commissioned 80 masons, artisans, sculptors and glassmakers with the daunting task of renovating the castle to its original splendor. Which he did beautifully! The castle was the perfect place for this beautiful couple’s wedding.

Special thank you to Ben Singleton for the coordination of this amazing event!

Photography:  Ryan and Elena Joseph