Honored... to be a top 10 wedding photographer in the world for 2013


...to say the least.  I wish I had more words to describe my gratitude for being included in such an unbelievably talented group of photographers.   I've followed this edition in previous years and I truly can't believe I'm on the list.  Thank you to American Photo and to my peers who have recognized my photography as something special.  An honor of a lifetime.  One more thing.  My apologies for the poor image quality of the first dance shot.  I evidently sent them a working file instead of the finished one.  Ouch!




Nonna e cane

You should be able to tell a person's story through a portrait. For anyone who has been acquainted with Nonna Lina, her story can be told through this portrait. Her furniture has been proudly showcased in her home from when she married her American Airman in December, 1961. She is from the old country as is represented through her furnishings. Her dog, although a new member of the family, is just that, her family. She lives alone, but has had 4 children. She often misses them as they no longer live with her. She is surrounded by her art, her dog, and the furniture of her homeland... Italy.

My Girls.

If you can imagine, this is the first, true portrait I've taken of my girls.  This photograph, to me, exemplifies how powerful a portrait can be not only to the photographer, but more importantly, to the subject and their family.  We, as photographers, must get back to our purpose.  Believing that what we do is meaningful if to no one else than our client and ourselves.  Nothing else matters.  Nothing.

Jaclyn & Ean

undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined Wow.  What a sweet couple!  When asked where Jaclyn & Ean wanted to do their engagement session, it was Ean's family home they thought of.  With oak trees nestled next to a lake and picket fences lining the property, it made for a great place to capture this couple's love for each other.  Here are just a few photos from their engagement session with Ryan. Hair & Makeup by Elena Joseph

Jessica & Andy: A Day at the Track

For their engagement session, arrangements were made months in advance in reserving a location that fit Jessica and Andy's personalities.  Did we mention Andy's love for race cars and motorcycles?  So when thunderstorms threatened Florida, it was literally a race to the race track.  We had about 20 minutes to capture their entire engagement session, and was able to get about 20 different compositions photographed before the storm hit the Lakeland track.

Ryan Joseph, Photographer

Hair & Makeup by Elena Joseph