Give thanks and remember


Veterans Day.  This has been, maybe, the most difficult post I’ve written because I truly do not have the words to describe my gratitude for the men and women who have served our nation.  The only way I sought fit to show my appreciation is to honor them the only way I know how - through my lens.  This project has been on my heart for some time now, and with the help of my very good friend Preston Rudie, we were able to photograph some of our local veterans from WW II, Korea and Vietnam.  I have chosen this era of veteran because, for many, their stories may have been forgotten.  So today, please remember.  Remember their sacrifices.  Remember their pain.  Remember their faces because they represent the faces we see no more.  Remember because what they have done for us can never be repaid.

Thanks to all of you who have blessed this country with your service.


True Religion

0006 Most of you who know me on a personal level, know that my faith is incredibly important to me.  It's truly my compass as to how I live my life. But even with my faith, I'm infested with sin daily. I've been a bit less than a disciple as well.  Fears of being judged for being too "religious" top the list as to why.  Lord forbid speak about it on my photography blog.  I guess many are like me in this way.  Quite opposite of what we as Catholic / Christians are called to do.

Pop culture has redefined the word "religion" in a not so positive light.  A word today's society fears as much as ever. But today's reading (I follow the liturgical calendar of daily mass readings provided by the Vatican) James speaks about "religion" as this:

"Religion clean and undefiled before God and the Father, is this: to visit the fatherless and widows in their tribulation: and to keep one's self unspotted from this world."    James 1, 27

So today, let's try and be less fearful and  more "religious".

Gianna. Age 7

I haven't been posting much lately due to the privacy requests of my past clients.  A request I uphold with the utmost respect.   I never post without permission.  Ever.   This "client", however, has no such jurisdiction.  My angel is growing up way too fast.  And getting more beautiful each day.



La Mia Italia (my italy)


One of the greatest benefits to photographing weddings in Italy is that, well, you're in Italy.  There is no better setting for a bride and groom that I'v ever experienced (more on that later).  However, what Italy is all about for Elena and I is inspiration.  And that inspiration comes from the culture and the landscape that this heaven on earth provides for not just a photographer, but for anyone who has been blessed to visit.  So early mornings, before the girls get out of their concrete bed (the hardest mattresses on the planet are here) I take some time for some exploration with my camera.  Street shooting, for me, is my most difficult challenge as an artist.  No control at all.  And the little time I had to shoot made it especially challenging.  If I'm not back with a cappuccino before Elena starts her day, I'll be noutare con i pesci.  Look it up.  It's not pretty.  Putting yourself in uncomfortable places creatively does a remarkable job in honing your senses to your surroundings and painstakingly disallows me to be the control freak that I am.  To ease that discomfort, I had to make a portrait of Elena's beautiful Zia Francesca.  Zia is the word for Aunt in Italian.  The portrait represents a very strong but incredibly loving Italian woman who has suffered her share of loss.  The two photographs in the background are her late husband and son.  Both died way too young.  The two empty chairs were theirs.



Giddy up!


It's been quite a while since I've went out to shoot for myself.  So when my good friend, Michael Schuhmann, asked me to join him on his annual pilgrimage to the Arcadia Rodeo, I was in like a tic on a pig's rear.  So tooled with my new X-E1 and a small prayer not to be injured by a two ton bull, I jumped in the paddock and let it all happen.  Are you kidding me?  I've shot everything from professional football to hockey, baseball, and even polo and have yet to witness anything quite like this.  There's no "boy" in these cowboys.  As tough as it gets is all I can say.  It's not if they get injured, it's when and how bad.  From broken femurs to blown knees to crushed cheek bones, every rider I saw today was aided by a some type of medical device.  They travel thousand of miles at a time for an 8 second shot at the title.  How's that for doing something you love.  This world needs more cowboys.  This world needs more men doing what they love.

Honored... to be a top 10 wedding photographer in the world for 2013 say the least.  I wish I had more words to describe my gratitude for being included in such an unbelievably talented group of photographers.   I've followed this edition in previous years and I truly can't believe I'm on the list.  Thank you to American Photo and to my peers who have recognized my photography as something special.  An honor of a lifetime.  One more thing.  My apologies for the poor image quality of the first dance shot.  I evidently sent them a working file instead of the finished one.  Ouch!




My Girls.

If you can imagine, this is the first, true portrait I've taken of my girls.  This photograph, to me, exemplifies how powerful a portrait can be not only to the photographer, but more importantly, to the subject and their family.  We, as photographers, must get back to our purpose.  Believing that what we do is meaningful if to no one else than our client and ourselves.  Nothing else matters.  Nothing.

Going Green in 2012

  With today's advances in technology and an increased awareness to lessen our imprint on our ever so changing world, had us rethinking how we should run our business.  With an almost 87% of Americans owning a computer and approximately 81% of those same Americans being connected to the Internet, it only made sense for us to find alternative avenues for our marketing plans.  Our success is a new marketing strategy which will be sent to our future clients.  We are using today's technological innovations to find a way of marketing our talents without the usage of excessive paper products, thus eliminating the need to unnecessarily cut down so many of our precious trees.

Other ways we go green, by just being responsible.  We make sure we turn off our computers at the end of every work day, which saves an alarming 30% of energy.  We hope our small  efforts make a huge impact on protecting our world, and we hope our future clients enjoy our new greener way of doing things.

Sant'Angelo d'Ischia


One of the most beautiful places in all of Italy, Ischia is a small island off of the coast of Napoli. Not as popular or as well known as it's sister island of Capri, Ischia is "where the Italians holiday" making it a wonderful place to escape from the traditional tourist locations.


Calendar for a Cause

In this day and age of "me" and "i" and "too busy", "too tired", "maybe later", ect, ect, I am asking for your support.  On Thursday, March 10th at the Don Cesar Resort Grand Ballroom, a fundraiser for the Children's Cancer Center of Tampa will be held to aid these angels afflicted with this horrendous disease.  I would venture to say that just about everyone reading this post has been affected in some way or another by cancer.  This is why I'm asking all of you, especially the wedding industry to please get involved.  Please visit our website below for more information as well as donations and ticket sales.

Really.  What do you have to do that night that is more important than this?