We know you must have lots of questions.  

Your wedding or Portrait is one of the most important milestones in life you will ever experience.  We want to make this part easier for you with answering some of your questions from the beginning, but please reach out to us, anyways.  We would love to speak with you and answer any more questions you might have that aren't listed here.   

How long have you been in business?

I officially completed my first year in business in 2001. Since then, I have photographed over 350 weddings all over the world and countless portrait sessions as well.

what is your style of photography?

I'd like to say that I have a very unique style that is unquestionably mine. I work very hard to continually separate myself from the norm and have been trained to shoot in just about every situation a wedding day may find itself. Not just the perfect, daytime environment. Every situation both rain or shine. Day or night. Whatever the light may be, I feel I can create timeless, heirloom photographs for my clients to enjoy for a lifetime. Each photograph I take must be more than just a still image. It must convey a feeling, any will do.

do you have a degree in photography or are you self taught?

I received my Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art Photography from the Ohio University. Internationally acclaimed for its photography program, OU has long produced many well-known, award winning photojournalists such as Pete Souza, Director and Chief Official White House Photographer.

do you shoot digital or film?

I shoot both digital and film. My reason for this is to be able to deliver a truly unique and timeless product for my clients. There is just something you cannot replicate with digital images the look of film. You can come very close, but there is just something film produces that cannot be explained.

what equipment do you use?

Throughout my photography career, I have have used just about every brand and format imaginable. From Canon to Nikon, neither allowed me to explore the creative possibilities that I now have with Fujifilm and their new X system. I also shoot large format 4x5 and 8x10 film as well.

can i give you a shot list?

No, not really, but sort of. You'll understand the answer to this when
I explain to you how I work. I get to know you. I form a bond with all of my clients. By the day of your wedding I'll know all the little details and intricacies of your wedding day. I'll know who and what is important to you and use that information to tell your wedding day story through imagery.

how many weddings do you shoot a year?

I am commissioned to photograph approximately 20-25 weddings per year. I am not, nor do not want to ever become, a wedding factory. I work with a certain consideration to my clients that when I am entrusted with their wedding, that it is truly me they receive. I am the photographer, the editor, the retoucher, the designer, etc. I do not outsource any part of my business and I believe this is the reason I am able to stay relevant, but ever evolving.

do you use an associate photographer?

I now do, yes. However, a well trained and experienced photographer does not need to have the assurance of another photographer to beautifully cover your wedding day. It is a relatively new marketing tactic to better assure coverage from newer, inexperienced wedding photographers.

I still personally cover every aspect of your wedding even with an associate photographer, because it is my vision you are paying for.


So with me you receive everything I have to give. My experience & training which allows for me to know how to capture an image in any lighting situation. My unique & creative vision which has defined my work throughout my career. My professionalism and attention to detail as I've worked with many of the top vendors in the wedding industry today. But most importantly, you will receive an heirloom to be enjoyed and charished by you and generations to come.

Wedding coverage from $5900. Heirloom Books from $2500.

how do I book with you?

I make it very easy to commission me. For weddings, after personally speaking with you, I will send you my contract via email. Look over it carefully and then when you're ready to sign, just send it back with the retainer. Upon receipt of the retainer, your date is confirmed. Portraits are a little different, but I'll personally go over how to commission me for your family portraits.

When can we expect to have our pictures after our wedding?

What I do is just after the wedding, you'll receive a little sneak peek. And by that, I mean, I look over your images just after the wedding and I pick some of my favorites to show you. You can share them or keep them all to yourself. Then, you'll receive a link to all your wedding images in about 4-6 weeks after your wedding.

Now, it's time to give us a ring and begin this incredible adventure with us!